من كان لله كما يريد، كان الله له فوق ما يريد
Siapa keadaannya seperti apa yang Allah inginkan;
Allah ada baginya melampaui segala harapan.

Student's Life, So Far..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

It has been a few months after myself being a first semester student of the Foundation for B.Ed (TESL) at University of Selangor and now, I've already finished my first semester there. Four months that I've gone through with a lot of new things, new environments, new experiences help me to know myself better while I'm being here. Nahh. Four subjects that I've taken during the first semester;

♥Basic English Grammar
♥Basic Writing Skills
♥Language Learning Strategies and Study Skills
♥Foundation English

Alhamdulillah.. I've successfully done my first semester at University of Selangor with exam results that might be good for me I guess. Well. Without studying and having exam while my family is in a big disaster, I still can survive to finish my exam. :') Thanks and fully praises to Allah. Alhamdulillah..

Now, I'm already in the end of my first semester break. It has been 3 weeks; 24 days being in a holiday mood that is very challenging to me. First semester holiday in university that is very sad to be gone through and I survived. In Sha Allah.. This 2nd October, I'll going back to my campus, reporting myself for the next semester and goodbye-ing Papa. :'(

Hurm. By the next second semester, there will be five subjects that I'll be study which are;

♥Listening and Speaking Skills
♥Academic Reading Skills
♥Introduction to Phonology
♥Pengajian Malaysia 
♥Pengajian Islam.

Now, I'm thinking of putting all my journals that I've done during my first semester inside this blog. As a replace for all stories that occur around me there, that I've no opportunity to tell those stories before. And Insha Allah, I'll show up many pictures of my  first semester moments at Unisel at the coming entries. My hostel, housemates, classmates and our activities there. I never share anything about my campus life since I enter Unisel few months ago. -.- And I know that it's my bad. But, Insha Allah I'll share everything after finish all the preparation to go back to campus. Remembering and recalling the moments are sweeter. teehee.

#P/s; Maaf kalau ayat tunggang langgang dan memeningkan. Saya bukan nak meriakkan diri menulis penuh dalam English. Si gadis kini sedang berlatih untuk berselang seli menggunakan English dalam penulisan di blog ini. Lecturer dah pesan, TESL student must practice English. Betul lah tu.. But as for me, practicing doesn't mean that you have to forget your mother tongue. Err.. I miss my Papa. I love my Papa.. Wassalam.


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