من كان لله كما يريد، كان الله له فوق ما يريد
Siapa keadaannya seperti apa yang Allah inginkan;
Allah ada baginya melampaui segala harapan.

@qdfoodjourneys on Instagram.

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum wbt & hello awak! ^^

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.. adios November 2014 and bienvenido December 2014! Masha Allah how surprising because now we're already in the finale of year 2014 and next month we gonna step into the all new year of 2015, month of January will come back to create another 1001 of new memories. May Allah ease our matters and everyone matters Aamiin Aamiin In Sha Allah. ^^ By the way, this is only another sneak peek entry from me. Hihi. #sajanakbagitahu~ Here comes the new Instagram account of mine, @qdfoodjourneys on board Alhamdulillah yeayy! :p Apa motif? Lol. There we go.. Saja suka suka because all this while I've been uploading too many pictures of foods in my own personal account so I think it's not really good in a way sebab nanti orang pun serabut agaknya like.. "amende lahh budak qish nii asyik upload gambar makanan jee" haha. Another reason is because all this while memang I've been thinking of creating a special account only to upload food pictures, since that this girl loves to makan makan, taking food pictures and pastu bising sebab memory phone penuhh pastu serabut sebab sayang nak delete so, this is a good solution I guess. Haha.

Hmmm.. No.. No.. I'm not gonna invite anyone to follow because this account is nothing more than just displaying foods. Haha. But in case if you're really interested to follow it, why not and you're welcome to do so In Sha Allah. ^^ Or else, kalau rasa lapar, nak cuci cuci mata tengok makanan ke, feel free to look up for the hashtag #qdfoodjourneys on Instagram. So far after a month having this account, rasa puas hati sebab dah ada tempat yang sesuai untuk gather all the collections of my food journeys pictures. Haha. Dah selesai dah masalah "sayang nak delete gambar", and there we go, finally I have my very own food pictures journal. :P Tak menahan betul budak ini. By the way, collection gambar gambarnya ni adalah dari tahun 2013 - 2014. Tak seberapa semenggah pun gambarnya plus takda lah banyak mana kann.. Kalau tengah rajin baru ambil gambar tapinya selalunya most of the time I've no time for picture since that I can't hardly keep calm and holding on before digging in my food! Ohor. By the way, that is all from me for today's entry.. Again, Adios November & enjoy your last pieces of 2014 to the fullest, buat awak yang membaca! ^^ Wassalam~

-سبحان الله  الحمدلله  لا اله الا الله  الله اكبر -

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